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Have Employees? Fair Work Compliance is Not Optional

Almost every Australian business falls under the Fair Work Act and not complying with your Fair Work Act obligations puts you on the fast-track to back paying workers and paying fines that can total tens of thousands of dollars.

hussetHR’s innovative software solutions make it easy to ensure Fair Work compliance and make sure both employees and employers are meeting their obligations under the Act.

Let hussetHR Navigate Complex Fair Work Legislation

If you were allowed one word to describe the Fair Work Act, there’s a high probability that word would be ‘complex’. Just defining whether your new employee is full-time, part-time, casual, shift worker, contractor, daily hire, or working on probation is difficult, and that’s before defining the exact role.

The same role can also come under a different award if it is in a different industry, or if the candidates have different qualifications or experience.

Fair work obligations are confusing and it’s a complex piece of legislation that applies to all employers. It is important to seek sound advice to give you peace of mind you are meeting your employer obligations under the Fair Work Act.

hussetHR works in collaboration with the leading legal and workplace health and safety firms in the country, to ensure Fair Work obligations are crystal clear for every employer.

Reduce the Cost of Employee HR with enableHR Software

hussetHR is an award-winning partner of cloud-based human resources software provider, enableHR. Utilising one of the best HR software suites available, our professional team make human resources headaches like modern award interpretation, work hours, minimum rates of pay, penalties, and general employee/employer protection a breeze by providing up-to-date information on complex workplace legislation.

Don’t get caught out with Fair Work compliance & reporting. Talk to the team at hussetHR today & find out how we can reduce the cost of employee & workplace compliance.