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Outsource your Human Resources Management to hussetHR

Want to remove the stress of human resources implementation? hussetHR outsourcing offers SMEs a full suite of tailored HR tools and HR services previously exclusive to big business, implementing HR strategies in collaboration with business owners and managers.

We are not just an advisory service to lend support, but a dedicated team of hands-on HR experts that deliver end-to-end cost-effective HR solutions.

Whether it’s staff onboarding, WHS, Fair Work Act compliance, or employee termination, we work within your organisation to ensure compliance with the latest state and federal legislation, reducing the risk and cost of employee human resources, and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing HR?

Outsourcing HR offers business owners and managers an array of benefits.

  • Reduced cost. Outsourced HR is cheaper than traditional in-house human resources, providing a fixed cost per employee.
  • Reduced employment liability. We keep up to date on all Fair Work Act & WHS legislation to guarantee compliance with state and federal law.
  • Increased efficiency. Comprehensive onboarding framework and tailored workplace training provide a more effective, efficient workforce.
  • Innovative cloud-based software. Access employee and HR information from anywhere, detailed record keeping, all for a fixed price.

Rather than employ an internal HR team, hussetHR provides end-to-end HR solutions accountable for workplace training, WHS, and Fair Work Act compliance.

HR Outsourcing Services to Cover the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Outsourcing the HR functions of your business to husset’s expert team of HR pros provides long-term cost savings and improved business performance.

With Our Human Resource Management, We Can Help You:

  • Plan your next talent acquisition
  • Take care of the entire onboarding process
  • Take care of Award interpretation and Fair Work compliance
  • And also build out a training and personal development framework to ensure further development of the human capital inside your business

Don’t wait until you have an employment issue, call our team of HR experts & discover how we can help simplify your business.