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Staff Training & Needs Analysis in Melbourne

It is rare for new employees to enter a role with all the skills and knowledge required to excel in their position. Most staff will need training or skills development, and all staff members need correct to improve HR risk management and compliance.

The key to effective performance management is metrics. Having tools on hand that highlight areas of potential growth for employees can empower business operators to grow and develop the human potential within your business.

Our software solutions allow employers to identify skills and training gaps required for workplace growth. Dashboard reporting allows you to better direct the training needs of employees and staff.

Identify Skill Gaps with EnableHR

As an enableHR award-winning partner, we have a deep understanding of applying software solutions to gain insight into workplace relations and human resources.

We work with hundreds of businesses across every industry, giving us skills and training data for every role. How does this benefit you? We can hit the ground running, setting up a training needs analysis that compares qualifications, skills, and training with similar roles and industries, measuring hundreds of data points.

This information is reported into a dashboard, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the staff training and skills required for your business growth and success. The dashboard is also a one-stop shop for HR compliance and reporting, providing WHS and training data, and identifying gaps in employee knowledge that might lead to problems down the track.

Implementing Skills Audits & Training Needs Analysis

Skills audits and implementing training needs analysis can be a mammoth undertaking for companies without a dedicated HR team. Understanding the latest legislation and Fair Work laws, and then identifying the exact measures required for each position within your business takes time, money, and resources that could otherwise be put to use growing your customer base and bringing in new business.

We understand how hard staff training and upskilling can be, and how much time and money is invested in ensuring your employees have the qualifications and knowledge to excel within their roles. Contact one of our professional team today and see how we can save you money on HR and staff training and development.

hussetHR can provide all your staff training & analysis needs, identify the skills & knowledge gaps for each employee, & develop a training & development plan, & all for a fixed price per employee.