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Melbourne’s Expert HR Consulting Service

Melbourne’s go-to authority for HR planning and implementation. Our professional team of HR Management Consultants design HR frameworks and systems that reduce the cost of workplace relations and compliance.

Our HR Consulting service provides comprehensive training for employers, systemising human resources management so you can focus on building your business.

Our role is to empower businesses to take control of their human resources, training, and staffing. We will help you develop HR best practices to streamline your business and develop a culture of personal responsibility and accountability.

Planning of Training & Development Programs

One of the biggest benefits of using a specialist HR management consultant is scale. We work with hundreds of different businesses and implement HR systems across a broad array of industries, enabling us to hire specialist staff for every facet of human resources and workplace relations.

You get the depth of knowledge, HR skills, and qualifications typically reserved for large commercial organisations, for a fraction of the cost. When you engage our team to help plan and implement your business’s HR framework, you gain access to an enterprise-level team of human resources experts.

Cut Costs with Specialist HR Consulting

HR audits, compliance reviews, performance management analysis, and checks of HR software and risk management. These are foundation processes that give us a complete picture of your HR procedures.

After a thorough review, we work with you to implement recommendations, develop staff training aids, and fix any holes in WHS and Fair Work Act compliance. hussetHR works as a long-term business partner to ensure your HR is up to standard and reduce your exposure to employment liability.

Keep up to Date with WHS & Fair Work Act Compliance

We understand how hard it is to keep up with every new piece of employment legislation introduced. Our job is to understand your responsibilities as an employer and help you develop end-to-end HR solutions that reduce risk, reduce cost, and let you focus on growing your business.

We work in collaboration with the leading legal and workplace health and safety firms in Australia, to ensure all aspects of workplace health and safety and employment law are covered by your HR department.

Don’t let HR keep you up at night, book a free consultation with one of our HR specialists today.