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Employee Onboarding Process is an Essential HR Best Practice

Nobody hires an employee to see them fail, but, often without realising, many companies do just that. It’s essential to have a sound onboarding process to set employees up for success.

Why is Onboarding Process So Critical For New Employees?

One of the primary reasons is that staff onboarding sets expectations and accountability for both employer and employee. New employee onboarding allows new hires to hit the ground running knowing how their performance will be measured, understanding key systems and processes, and with an awareness of the social aspects of their new role.

When onboarding process is done well, new employees will get up to speed faster and can contribute more to the success of your organisation. This involves consistently implementing written new employee onboarding plans and clearly communicating the company’s goals, expectations, procedures, and policies.

A Systematic Approach to Employee Onboarding

With an employee typically given 90 days to prove his or her worth to the company, a clear and practised onboarding process outlining the performance measures, training methods, and featuring clear milestones with review dates, are essential for your new hire to excel.

This process starts before their first day on the job, beginning with the development of detailed position descriptions to find the correct candidate, and ensuring the employment contract meets award and Fair Work Act obligations.

hussetHR can help design and execute a formal employee orientation program covering new employees from the date of hire, with a complete training program through to the end of their 90-day trial that includes performance reviews and skills assessments.

Onboarding New Staff Offers the Best Chance of Employee Success

By providing clear expectations and detailed position descriptions, you are giving your new hire the best chance of contributing in a meaningful way to your business’s success.

The team at hussetHR have years of experience designing and implementing onboarding programs for new employees, with special emphasis placed on the initial three-month trial period, ensuring new staff are offered the opportunity to succeed.

Built into the onboarding process for each new employee are regular performance management reviews and milestones that give you real-time updates on how the new hire is progressing within your organisation.

Give your employees the opportunity to succeed by calling hussetHR for a no obligation consultation.