Ways to bring out the best in your team through regular feedback

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Ways To Bring Out The Best In Your Team Through Regular Feedback

Why we recommend regular feedback

When an employee is provided with feedback, they are able to learn from their mistakes and grow professionally within your team. Some people view performance appraisals as ineffective and demotivating which has been proven. So how do you give your team feedback on their performance in an informal, more empowering approach? The goal is to achieve an outcome where , your team are able to grow from their mistakes, reinforce their strengths and understand the areas they require training and development, without waiting for the annual review to come round. This allows you to receive feedback in real time and enhance productivity by resolving issues and continuously develop throughout the year.


Frequent Catch-Ups and how your team can use them – employees, managers/leaders and business owners

We suggest having your manager or team leader schedule a one on one catch up with each member of their team either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. It will depend on the dynamics of your business and how frequent you believe it is required. Be cautious these are set apart at a reasonable time frame as your team may feel a sense of micromanagement – we don’t want that and this isn’t what these catch ups are about. It’s important to keep this catch up casual as well as using it as a space for your employees to come to you with feedback of their own. This will open communication channels and build stronger relationships. When you are frequently catching up with your team, the conversations feel less formal with honesty and openness being the main drivers of these meetings. We encourage your managers or leaders to list all the positive achievements the employee accomplished since the previous catch up and encourage them to keep learning and developing their skills in the areas they may be weaker.


Remember, it’s all in the delivery. Rather than telling the employee that they suck and that they are horrible at a particular task, ask them how they feel they performed and what sort of training they believe they may require in order to overcome obstacles by the next catch up. This is a great way to empower your team to perform the best they possibly can, achieving all their goals and growing with your business.


This is also an effective tool to manage your managers or leaders. It’s important your managers and leaders are fulfilling the duties of their role by taking responsibility in ensuring their team are informed of the positive outcomes of their performance as well as the areas they need to work on. The information should all be channeled up and once the catch-ups have been completed, have your managers and leaders send you reports. This saves you time having to chase up the information and also gives them accountability. Essentially you’re empowering your managers and leaders to empower their team.


We encourage you, as a business owner, to do these catch ups with your managers and leaders also. They need just as much feedback as your team. There’s a reason you’re in business and you’re in control. So your mentoring and support to your managers and leaders will work wonders and only channel through.. It’s all a cycle, a circle if you will. Think of it like this, you encourage your managers and leaders, they encourage your staff, then they succeed in their performance, bringing back positive feedback to your managers and leaders and then back up to you. See how it works?


Positive reinforcement and constructive criticism

BE CONSTRUCTIVE. We cannot stress this enough. It’s super important to be fair in all feedback with your staff. Positive reinforcement ensures your team are aware of the areas they are exceeding your expectations and will encourage them to improve in other areas. It’s natural human behaviour to yearn for that positive feedback and it’s important they receive it.


Constructive criticism is an effective and important way to ensure your team are receiving feedback detrimental to their growth. As mentioned, it is all in your delivery as this will determine how receptive your team are. Allow them to provide constructive criticism of their own for ways to improve business processes. Having this two way communication process will create openness, creativity and growth.


The whole idea is that by the end of the year, you will have collected a library of catch ups for an overall performance review. That’s where pay rises, promotions and growth within the business can be discussed. Sometimes it happens much sooner rather than later and if that’s the case, fantastic! You want a high performing team who are motivated and driven!


If you follow this simple process, you will see the outcomes within your business. Being positive and providing the frequent feedback will ensure your team are informed of the areas they need to work on and will give them the motivation to strive for stronger performance. It doesn’t matter if you run a sales company or a company based on customer service, these catch ups are crucial to the growth of your overall business and the reputation of your baby!