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Working from Home is the new normal for a lot of workers now. As discussed in our previous blog post working from Home has its perks however with each day passing it’s slowly starting to get a bit lonelier, and a lot less exciting. With little indication of when we will be allowed to go back to our workplace, you may find it becoming gradually harder to find the motivation to perform your work to the same standard you once did when you were physically at work.   

 With all this added freedom, this is where you need to increase your own accountability and try to stay as motivated as possible.   

Yes, you may be thinking that is easier said than done but we are here to help you boost up those motivation levels, and get you back to enjoying your job whilst at home.   

Our last blog post was focused on the best tips that will help you work from home, but today we will be exploring that further and creating some more ideas on how you can remain both productive and MOTIVATED, whilst working from your home.  

Wake up early   

This point is an important one, especially if you are going to stick to your normal working hours schedule. It is best not to sleep in till 11.30 am and work till 9.30 pm at night. You will be your most productive and motivated when you are working the normal hours that you would be doing in the office. If you wake up early, it will give you more time in the day to firstly create your morning routine as discussed in the previous blog post, and secondly increase your motivation and productivity levels. According to sleep advisor, waking up early will mentally increase concentration as your brain is more alert in the morning. Being more alert will help you achieve more tasks, resulting in a greater sense of satisfaction once your tasks are done. Hopefully, that will increase your motivation to get more done throughout your day!

Save your sleeping in for the weekends, you will appreciate it more!   

Create a to do list   

This is one many of you may already be doing, but if you are not yet, we highly recommend it! If you set out your goals in the morning it will create a clear indication of what you will need to achieve by the end of the day. The goals list can be extremely detailed, or it can be a few lines. No matter how big or small it is you will feel motivated to cross those goals off your list before you finish your working day. Another little tip, it is more satisfying crossing your goals off on paper with a pen than it is deleting it on your computer. Trust us!   

Put on your work clothes   

As easy as it is to sit in your most comfortable tracksuit or PJs every single day, we think it’s important for you to do what you can to make it feel like you are actually going to do work. According to Dr Pine who is a fashion psychologist from Forbes “When we put on an item of clothing it is common for the wearer to adopt the characteristics associated with that garment”. So, in saying this if you put on your usual shirt, blouse or blazer that could help associate your brain with work.  Work clothes on should = get more work done. Put on your work clothes to motivate yourself to do work just like you would in an office.    

Schedule out your day  

Set a schedule! Make a start time, finish time and break time and stick with it! It is vital that you take adequate breaks whilst you are working from home. Make your day resemble your normal office working hours as much as possible. Breaks can be a good way to stay motivated throughout the day. If you set a break time you know that there is a rest period approaching, this can help motivate you to achieve more tasks before your set lunch hour/ break.  Sticking to a schedule can also help create a routine. Routine is important especially during uncertain times like the present, its good to know what you are doing each and every day bringing back some normality to what it was like before self-isolation. 

Create a working space that is away from your bedroom   

This point we touched on in our previous post. It is important that you find somewhere in your house that you can make your working zone. We heavily recommend that your “working zone” is nowhere near your bed/bedroom. “Don’t work where you sleep” is something that you should try to remember if you are wanting to stay motivated whilst working from home. It is super tempting to look at the comfort of your own bed and just want to jump back in, but this will not make for a productive day at all.  As we have previously discussed its important that your brain can switch into work mode and relax mode. If you are trying to work where you relax It will just make for one confusing and unproductive day. You will be more motivated to go back to bed and have a nap instead of feeling motivated to smash out those tasks you want to get done.   

Go outside and exercise

Whether you just exercise, go outside or do both physical activities and getting away from your desk is important to keep motivation levels high.  Sometimes when you run out of creativity and productivity it’s important to take your mind away from the task and just refresh. Exercising is a great way to maintain both physical and mental wellbeing which are both vital during this stressful time. You can go on walks during your break, or even fit in a quick yoga or Pilates class if that’s something that appeals to you more. If you begin getting restless and frustrated at your desk make sure you are aware of this and take a quick break! Just remember to stay within the government lockdown directions.   

Earn your own rewards   

Set personal rewards for yourself when you achieve something on your working from home to-do list. If you manage to get all your tasks done maybe this means you can order UberEATS or takeaway for dinner tonight. This can help keep you motivated to get more tasks done, knowing you’ve set yourself a personal reward. The rewards can be as little or as big as desired.   

Steer clear from distracting websites or social media   

Nearly everyone that works from home will be on a computer, laptop or using the internet. The internet can be a black hole which sucks you into distracting Google searches or various social media pages. Try to refrain from going on your favourite websites or social media during your designated working time. I’m sure this would be a rule that would need to be followed whilst in the office, or you have certain browser restrictions refraining you from fueling these social media desires anyway.  You could even use social media time as a reward if you achieve some of your set tasks for the day!   

Communicate with others regularly  

Because we are all at home we no longer have the access to talk to our co-workers during the day. This can make for a really lonely working day. Try and ensure you are communicating with them as often as possible. Your teammates can also help motivate you to get more tasks done if you are all working together. Nobody wants to let the team down! Its is easier if you are all working in sync to complete the daily work tasks altogether. A good team effort makes for stronger business capabilities and greater productivity for everyone.  

We recommend video chats, phone calls or even just an email. For more ways to stay connected to your colleagues see our previous blog post

Try to implement these motivation tips each and every working day in order to be your most motivated self whilst you work from home.  

In your extra time, look forward to completing those tasks that you have put off for ages. Finally, paint that room, get that deck done or plant that veggie patch! You will feel more motivated to get things done once you get the ball rolling.  

If you have any further questions please get into contact with us here. 

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