Making HR Consulting Easy with up-to-date Training and Fair Work Compliance

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If you are new to the HR world it can be difficult to keep up with all the different kinds of HR related businesses out there. Here at hussetHR we are an outsourced HR and consulting agency.

Some people may still be coming to terms with the idea of HR consulting or outsourcing however more recently internal Human Resource departments in organisations are dramatically shrinking! With many different alternatives on the market many businesses are now choosing to either outsource or gain expertise through HR consulting compared to employing an internal HR team. To work out which type of HR may work best for your company check out this blog post now!

Outsourcing HR Consulting  

What Value Can it Add to My Business?

It can be extremely difficult knowing how to implement HR practises into your business if this is something you have never done before. This is usually the reason many choose to outsource or hire an internal HR team.

When choosing to take the step in using a HR consultancy company just like hussetHR you are gaining access to expert HR knowledge which is hugely beneficial to each aspect of the employee lifecycle. When asking for professional HR assistance, you are almost guaranteeing your employees remain in the best hands! Accessing proficient HR knowledge will mean you are remaining up to date on Fair Work compliance, paying your employees correctly, making your organisation the safest working environment and giving your employees the greatest chance to succeed. A positive safe working culture will mean you are gaining the best return on your husset (human asset) business investment.

Here at hussetHR we use the 6 stages of the husset model of HR which incorporates all of the core HR functions needed within a businesses. If you were to consult with us and chose to take your businesses through our model your company would undergo an individualised revamp of each step within the model. Starting with identify & communicate, find & recruit, onboard & induct, manage & develop, train & grow, all the way to the end of the model which is retain & redeploy. Each stage is critical in ensuring the organisation is fit enough to achieve the overall objectives. During the completion of each stage you will notice a vast improvement of your employee internal processes, benefiting from a more efficient, compliant and objective aligned workplace.

Fair Work Compliance   

What Is Fair Work ?

The Fair Work Ombudsman is a independent statutory agency of the Australian Government helping to provide information, assistance, and guidance to all Australians either employees or employers working within Australia. They work to promote the best and most Fair Working conditions for all people, monitoring all organisations big or small in ensuring they abide by Australian Wide workplace regulations.

Compliance is Crucial


Most businesses in Australia are covered by Australian Employment Laws like the Fair Work act and Fair Work regulation’s. If you are a businesses who chooses not to comply with these laws, regulations and employment standards you are at risk of huge fines, and legal fees.

Fair Work inspectors can enter your business at any time during working hours if there is reason to believe you are not remaining complaint or up to date with minimum employee standards or regulations. In the year of 2019-2020 we saw Fair Work Inspectors issue $891,173 worth of on the spot fines. Do not let your business be one that needs to pay hundreds of thousands back to Fair Work and your underpaid employees. Not only does it put you at risk of going broke, it will be blasted over national media outlets tarnishing your businesses reputation for the foreseeable future.

With current workplace changes due to covid, it is now important more than ever to remain compliant with these regulations. Especially those revolved around annual leave, flexible working arrangements and unfair dismissal.

Training for your Human Resources Department 

When consulting with us you are gaining access to the biggest benefit of using a specialist HR consultant. Having worked with hundreds of different businesses across an array of industries we will develop a specialised framework that will work for your company. We will implement this within your company whilst also helping to teach and train you on different necessary core HR functions. With comprehensive training for employers, you will feel more accustomed to implementing these HR functions in your business, whilst you watch your company transform!

The most important step of your HR training is helping you streamline your business processes and take control of your HR, training and staffing.

What Solution Is Best Suited to Me 

It can be difficult working out what solution is best for you and your company. Every option has a cost no matter if it outsourced, consultancy or hiring an internal department.

Small – Medium Sized businesses

A small business is defined as having fewer than 20 staff. Whilst a medium sized business can be defined as having 20-199 employees.

Here at hussetHR we work mostly with small and medium sized businesses. Depending on the organisations HR skill level and areas of concern, we will either assist them by doing their HR in an outsourced way or offer our expertise through consulting.

To work out what solution is best suited for you, contact us on 1300 487 738.

What Have We Done In The Past?

We partnered with an engineering firm a little under 12 months ago. At the point we partnered with them they had just gone through a company transition leaving the Director unsure of how to proceed.

The first thing we did was create an anonymous Engagement Survey to gain the staff’s view on everything from communication, management, remuneration and company improvements. From these results we highlighted some key areas of need, these were clearer communication, clearer training and development and team culture. Since then, we have been able to implement: weekly team meetings with all staff so that everyone is across all company projects and open up the communication channels, additionally each team member has a monthly performance check in with the Director to help keep things on track and provide a formal opportunity to seek support and set goals. We have then conducted a skills training analysis where we were able to benchmark the minimum requirements of each position in the company and compare individuals to their role. This highlighted not only individual training needs but also companywide training needs. We put together individual training plans to help the team grow.

As part of this process new position descriptions were devised to give each person clear guidance on where their position sat within the organisation and what the expectations were of them.

We have just completed the first ever annual reviews for the company where each team member had a really positive experience and were confident in their role and their progression within the organisation.

The processes we have been able to put in place have helped the organisation grow from an uncertain future to a very strategically planned future where we have been able to plan to expand the business offerings and capacity in line with individual growth


Human Resource Management can be complex if you are doing it without professional help. This is why consultancy or outsourcing work great for those business owners who are needing a little extra guidance and support.

Do not get caught up with dodgy Fair Work compliance and risk losing your business due to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines! Gain expert knowledge which will streamline your business processes and help align your company’s human assets with your organisational objective.

When working out the best solution for you it is best to get a professional HR opinion. We are always contactable via phone call or email, ready to offer you the best course of action.