Pros and Cons of a Career in Human Resource Management

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Are you currently dreading going to work? Or coming home after a long day, miserable? It is hard to be motivated to go into work, if unfortunately you aren’t enjoying your job.  

Maybe you are in need of a career change.    

According to the Australian College of Applied Psychology “five to seven career changes is the new average for a lifetime”. If you have only had 1 or 2 different careers it’s time to get cracking and find something that you are not only good at, but enjoy!   

Working in a Human Resource Management field is a fast paced job, that is also rewarding. It is an integral part of any business, and has a wide field of various jobs you can perform. From recruiting, to consulting, training and development and many more.   

Here at HussetHR we are a HR consulting agency that provide an outsourced HR department to small and medium businesses around Australia, so this blog post will be focused around the things we absolutely love about our jobs, in HR consulting. Of course we will chuck a few cons in there, but honestly there aren’t many!   


Why We Think Human Resources Is A Good Career

  1. Interacting with people   

Interacting with new people every day! It’s pretty obvious from the name of the job that we have a lot of Human interaction… but we do love it. Each day is different for us, and since we are in consulting we get to meet lots of new people from a wide variety of businesses. We learn new ways to interact and assist people, always keeping us on our toes. If you’re a peoples person then you will fit in just fine.  Always getting to socialise and work with new teams to bring out the best in each person/ business, is our favourite part of the job. A job in HR also means we get to work on improving ourselves and the way we approach certain situations. You build a greater ability to connect with all types of people, as well as further improve your emotional awareness in certain situations. We aspire to ensure each and every person feels as though they are being looked after, to the best possible standard.  

  1. Helping people improve their businesses   

The second thing that comes to mind when we think about our job, is the satisfaction we get in assisting someone to improve their own business, with the help of hired human assets, that we call hussets!   

Having the ability to firstly help the business implement strategic and staff planning to then watch a business grow and improve whilst simultaneously being a workplace that employees like coming to, is what we hope to achieve when assisting all our businesses. It’s great to sit down with teams and create new ways to reach their own individual business goals, and make the working environment one that all employees feel comfortable in.  

  1. Learn Something New Everyday  

Because the workforce is so diverse we get to deal and adjust to different situations all the time. This means we get to learn new things every single day, and our job is never ever boring – that’s for sure ! Challenges on the occasion arise, as they do with every job but we look at these as things we can learn from. The people we get to work with are very knowledgeable in regards to business, which helps us expand our knowledge when it comes to various business demographic’s and markets.  

  1. Work life balance – no two days are the same 

We are lucky enough within our careers in HR to have really good work life balance. However a level of flexibility is required in HR as often you need to work with team members outside of normal work hours, and depending on what industry we are working with can mean late nights and weekends.  

The 2 Cons we found whilst working in HR

  1. Being The Bearer of Bad News  

Unfortunately, in our job sometimes we need to give both employees and managers bad news if issues do arise. Whether it’s an employee needing to be terminated, or changes that need to be implemented within the business which may cause some inconvenience. It can be disheartening at times, but everything that is done is all for the benefit of both the staff and the business. 

  1.  Managing conflicting deadlines

Another challenge we face whilst working at an outsourced HR company, is juggling numerous deadlines from various clients all at once. We have to ensure we are always organised, and not confuse any of the tasks at hand. This again can get stressful at times however after lots of experience we know they right way to juggle all tasks, and get them done on time always.

Whilst a career in HR in not for everyone, if you genuinely love helping people and business it can be one of the most rewarding careers.  

Look into your own career in HR now!   

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