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Mastering Remote Performance Management: Techniques for Employers

Emma Crupi Category-01

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the way we work, with remote work becoming the new norm for many Australian businesses. Because remote work presents a new set of challenges in terms of communication, collaboration, and performance management, employers have been forced to reconsider their approach to managing their teams. Despite the challenges, remote work has …

Essential Channels of Communication in the Workplace

Emma Crupi Category-01

Clear communication channels can add value to a workplace and help with information flow within an organisation. We’ll help you determine what is best for your company.

Our Top Tips For Attending Your Work End Of Year Party

Sophia Divirgilio Category-01, Small Business HR

The end of the year has finally rolled around after one long, challenging, complex, overwhelming and CRAZY year. With most of Australia out of a strict lockdown, this means everyone can get together (whilst being covid safe) and celebrate all the business has achieved this year. When we think End Of Year Party usually the first thing that comes to …

What is a Training Needs Analysis and Why It’s Important?

Sophia Divirgilio Small Business HR

Training Needs Analysis also known as (TNA) is when a company identifies the necessary training and development needed of the employees to perform their job to the best of their ability. During this process the reviewer identifies gaps in an employee’s capabilities, skills and knowledge. This analysis can be used when recruiting, onboarding new staff members, re-skilling, up-skilling, and implementing …

Pros and Cons of a Career in Human Resource Management

Sophia Divirgilio Category-01

Are you currently dreading going to work? Or coming home after a long day, miserable? It is hard to be motivated to go into work, if unfortunately you aren’t enjoying your job.   Maybe you are in need of a career change.     According to the Australian College of Applied Psychology “five to seven career changes is the new average for a lifetime”. If you have only had 1 …