What is HR Software? How Can it Help My Business?

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HR Software, which can also be called HRIS (Human Resource Information System), is an amazing tool that helps to develop and manage human capital information.  

HR software is a digital solution for monitoring and optimising an organisation’s everyday human resources operations and overall HR goals. HR software helps HR professionals and managers spend their time and money on things that are more productive and profitable. 

Since the 1970s, when computers were first used to manage human capital data, HR software technology has advanced significantly. It was not until the 1990s that web-based HR solutions became widely available to enterprise clients. Today’s systems are cloud-based, subscription-based, easily connected with other data management tools, and highly configurable to an organisation’s specific needs.

The benefits of cloud-based software

Most HR software that is used in organisations nowadays is cloud-based. Cloud-based HR software can be used on devices that have internet access using logins, allowing for increased flexibility and mobility. This type of access is extremely useful for mobile workforces but can also allow employees in any industry to view their own personal information and make adjustments, provided self-service tools are in place.

Businesses can use cloud-based HRIS to engage employees. For example, using a cloud-based HRIS, your company can send out a survey to employees in minutes to obtain feedback on how the organisation can better serve them. Cloud HR platforms can also help track hours and manage employee payroll.

Without a doubt, HR departments have discovered over the last decade that employee engagement is a critical source of competitive advantage. Customer happiness, knowledge sharing, interest from new applicants, business agility, and bottom-line profitability are all influenced by engagement. HRIS can be used efficiently to help humanise the workplace and increase long-term retention.

hussetHR can assist you with selecting the best HRIS for your company.

How does HR software work?

Businesses can employ a variety of HRIS applications. Most of these are cloud-based, subscription-based systems that can be easily incorporated into your business to manage all employee data effectively.

HR software supports a company’s human resources department by automating routine activities, organising employee information, and producing data-driven reports. All of this is done electronically, which eliminates the need for paper documentation. HR software may also help employees and managers within a company with duties like time tracking, updating employee directories, and performance management.

Some of the functions HR software can perform include:

  • Securely storing and organising employee data
  • Creating workflows and tracking approvals
  • Self-service time tracking
  • Tracking employee training for development and compliance
  • Measuring and reporting on employee satisfaction
  • Performance management and goal-tracking
  • Pre-boarding, onboarding, and offboarding automation
  • Third-party application integration
  • Monitoring all data changes with an audit trail
  • Producing custom reports to provide strategic insights

How can it help my business?

HRIS streamlines many aspects of human resources. HRIS will securely store all your employee information and assist you in keeping everything in one place. 

One of the most important benefits of using HR software is that it can help HR professionals spend less time on low-impact administrative tasks. This allows them to focus on more productive roles and long-term strategic goals.

Beyond this, other key benefits include:

  • Reduced errors
  • Improved organisation of documents and employee data
  • Streamlined processes
  • Continuous feedback
  • More accurate analytics
  • Improvements in succession planning
  • Keeping organisations compliant with Fair Work policy and legislation

Our software in action 

hussetHR partners with your company to become the HR manager of the organisation, rather than simply providing support and advice. We work with the owners and managers of organisations to develop and implement HR strategy, training, and compliance.

We offer a wide range of HR solutions that cover everything from workplace WHS and Fair Work Act compliance to payroll and HR management. We also offer services that will help you cut down on your HR workload and make your business more profitable.

When managing your company’s human resources, we employ some of the excellent human resource information systems (HRIS) listed below:


enableHR is cloud-based software, which means that no software is required to be installed on your company computers, and all data is securely kept in the cloud. A business can utilise enableHR with a regular web browser on any internet-connected device. The software employs workflows and checklists to guide your business through sensible, legally compliant HR operations, engage with employees, and set tasks. It maintains all employee records and provides sharing tools that help managers (and employees) effortlessly access, deliver, and receive papers and files.

Employment Hero

Employment Hero offers an end-to-end people management platform that covers every aspect of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding to engagement, productivity, and success. With a wide range of powerful employment services, Employment Hero connects and empowers more than 80,000 SMEs around the world.


Deputy is an Australian information technology company that offers cloud-based workforce management and scheduling software to assist businesses in organising, tracking, and managing their workers. In 2008, the company was launched in Sydney, Australia. Deputy serves over 320,000 workplaces worldwide. Businesses of all sizes can use Deputy to manage their employees more efficiently, provide an easy way for teams to track their shifts, and free up time for workers to focus on what’s important to them.

HRIS integration

The process of linking your HRIS to other systems is referred to as “HRIS integration”. HRIS integration allows data to flow from one system to another, keeping them in sync and displaying real-time data. For example, if you update your payroll, the change will be reflected promptly in your HRIS records if integrated.

A common HRIS integration is linking your company’s HRIS with accounting software, such as Xero. Employee data stored in a company’s HRIS can be automatically shared with Xero, making it simple to generate payroll records. By only entering data once, time is saved, and automated synchronisation can be used to ensure that changes made in one system are reflected in the other.

hussetHR and HRIS

hussetHR uses industry-leading Human Resource Information Systems that provide the most advanced capabilities in specific functional areas (e.g., HR, payroll, recruiting, performance, onboarding, and so on).

hussetHR will partner with your company to become the HR manager of the organisation, rather than simply providing support and advice. We work with the owners and managers of organisations to develop and implement HR strategy, training, and compliance.

When determining the optimal solution for your company, it is advisable to get experienced HR advice. hussetHR is always available via phone or email and ready to advise you on the best course of action.

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