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Gaslighting at Work: How to Stop it

Sophia Divirgilio Category-01, Small Business HR

You may or may not have already heard about the term “gaslighting”. This form of psychological manipulation can be seen in friendships, relationships and even unfortunately at work. Sometimes without even knowing you may have toxic employees at your workplace, and as a manager this can be difficult to initially recognise.   Gaslighting at work can be extremely detrimental to your corporate culture, your employees job …

hussetHR’s essential tips for a small business owner

Sophia Divirgilio Small Business HR

Running a small business can come with a lot of tricky challenges but doing something you love every single day makes it all worth it. As a small business owner or manager that has never had experience running a business before, it can be confusing dealing with all kinds of business aspects that you have never heard of. You are diving into the unknown, but we can help ensure …