Carers and Sick Leave for Casual Workers: What Can and Can’t Your Employees Do?

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The Victorian Government recently introduced the “Sick Pay Guarantee”, a two-year scheme that would allow casual team members to take up to 38 hours of paid sick or carer’s leave per year.   Although employers are not responsible for applying for the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee on behalf of their employees, the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee is available to all eligible …

Privacy in the Workplace: 5 Tips for Employees

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Best practice employers understand the importance of keeping their employees’ personal information confidential. They have clear procedures in place that outline what information the company can gather and maintain, and when it can be shared with others. hussetHR can help you develop clear systems and policies outlining the types of information that your business may collect, retain, and share with others as well as prepare and implement data breach response plans.

Our Top Tips For Attending Your Work End Of Year Party

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The end of the year has finally rolled around after one long, challenging, complex, overwhelming and CRAZY year. With most of Australia out of a strict lockdown, this means everyone can get together (whilst being covid safe) and celebrate all the business has achieved this year. When we think End Of Year Party usually the first thing that comes to …

Making HR Consulting Easy with up-to-date Training and Fair Work Compliance

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If you are new to the HR world it can be difficult to keep up with all the different kinds of HR related businesses out there. Here at hussetHR we are an outsourced HR and consulting agency. Some people may still be coming to terms with the idea of HR consulting or outsourcing however more recently internal Human Resource departments …

What is Diversity Management In Human Resource Management?

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Diversity management is the intrinsic approach of creating and maintaining a more positive working environment where all employees’ individualities are celebrated. The concept involves an increase in workplace acceptance and respect. This strategic process also aims to fight against stereotypes and prejudice minimising preconceived ideas helping to promote inclusion.   This type of management includes dimensions of race, gender, ethnicity, …

What is a Training Needs Analysis and Why It’s Important?

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Training Needs Analysis also known as (TNA) is when a company identifies the necessary training and development needed of the employees to perform their job to the best of their ability. During this process the reviewer identifies gaps in an employee’s capabilities, skills and knowledge. This analysis can be used when recruiting, onboarding new staff members, re-skilling, up-skilling, and implementing …

Family and Domestic Violence Leave: What Are My Rights?

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Domestic and Family violence leave is something that is not talked about a lot but an extremely important part of knowing all the leave entitlements for Australian employees. This type of leave came into effect in 2018. Being so new, a lot of employers may still be coming to fully understand it. This horrific issue is something that has affected …

Responsible Workplace Relationships

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Currently the media is swarming with different issues involving many large-scale organisations, political parties and small businesses being hit with allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. Canberra has been shocked by a series of revelations from sexual harassment to rape. These allegations publicly unfolding along with the #metoo movement have created conversation about what some women have …

hussetHR’s Best Tips For A Smooth Onboarding Experience

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The onboarding process can be daunting for both the new employee and the employer. We at HussetHR are here to make it easy. There are many different aspects that go into creating the perfect onboarding process for the beginning of the employees’ time at your business. Unfortunately, some employers forget the importance of a good start!   The onboarding process is the third phase of our Husset Model of HR. It involves probationary reviews, employment agreements, induction and Fair Work Australia compliance.   What is …